View Full Version : Journey Of The Sorcerer (Hitchhiker's Guide Theme)

Martin Jonas
Mar-18-2018, 4:57pm
This is a cover of "Journey Of The Sorcerer", written by Bernie Leadon and originally recorded by the Eagles in 1975. However, I mainly know it as the theme music of the original radio and TV versions of "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy".

My cover is based on an arrangement for a quartet of cellos (!) by Stephen Hunt, available from Musescore:


I've transposed the arrangement from C minor to E minor and have played all four cello parts on mandocello, doubling the top line an octave higher on mandolin. In this key, the arrangement can also be played on guitars. As the Musescore score was really short, I'm also repeating the main riff for extra length. See attached for a PDF in E minor and octave treble clef, rather than the original C minor in bass clef. It's originally a banjo-based instrumental, but it's fun to play on mandolin.

Mid-Missouri M-0W mandolin
Suzuki MC-815 mandocello (x4)


Mar-20-2018, 9:57am
I guess you have been listening to the new series :)

Mar-20-2018, 10:03am
Awesome! My brother and I play this when we do wedding gigs. Great for an interlude while guests are arriving.

Mar-20-2018, 10:37am
Thanks, very timely because as Jeremy says there's a new series and I was wondering if I could get an arrangement

Mar-20-2018, 11:12am
Thanks, very timely because as Jeremy says there's a new series and I was wondering if I could get an arrangement

Click on the attachment -it's a PDF and should download, don't worry that it's a black blob.

Martin Jonas
Mar-20-2018, 11:39am
Thanks! Yes, this recording was prompted by the new series, which got me to check whether there are any online arrangements of the theme music. Somewhat embarrassingly, this was also when I first realised that it was an Eagles tune, notwithstanding the fact that One Of These Nights was the first Eagles album I ever bought, as a second-hand vinyl album in the mid-1980s. That was after I first watched H2G2 on TV, but I still didn't make the connection.

I'm not entirely happy with my recording -- the mix is bass-heavy and the playing could do with a bit more energy. I may redo it slightly faster when I get a chance and play around with the instrumentation (maybe going for tenor guitar instead in the mid-range). It's a fun riff to play on mandolin, though, and I'm glad I found a transcription.