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Mar-11-2018, 3:32am

Don Grieser
Mar-11-2018, 3:34pm
Love the music you share! Thanks!

Jim Garber
Mar-11-2018, 8:35pm
Very cool, as usual. Wonderful. What is Bongrass style?

Mar-12-2018, 4:39am
bengalis (people who's origins are in Bengal in India) are referred to as bongs. so bongrass is basically bluegrass styled music in bengali language! :) thats something we have coined and we are the only band in the country to do this! :)

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thanks don! :)

Jim Garber
Mar-12-2018, 6:41am
Thanks for the explanation. I have been enjoying all your videos.

Mar-13-2018, 11:21am
Great. So, what is this song about? Is there a train, a prison, a murder, a wayfaring stranger?

Mar-13-2018, 11:38am
Very cool!

Chris Bowsman
Mar-13-2018, 12:02pm
Good idea on the explanation. At a glance, the name sounds like something that Yonder Mountain String Band or Dawg would be into :)

Mar-15-2018, 5:46pm
Dawgs brother---pick that thing!

Charles E.
Mar-16-2018, 10:36am
Diptanshu, your music is so infectious, you guys are clearly having a good time. Nice mandolin playing!