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Mark Gunter
Mar-10-2018, 8:10pm
Been wanting to learn this old tune since I heard Norman Blake's medley from the Directions LP. I finally got round to it, but I enjoyed practicing it to a funky beat on a midi machine, so I decided to mix up a midi band in my DAW in order to record it. The mandolin performance is a one-off. My first inclination was to make more takes and get every note right - but since that's something I probably can't do, and since my big flubs didn't stray too far out of key, I decided to leave them in for variety. Otherwise, no improvisation here, just pretty much the straight tune played AA-BB-AA-BBBB

Lane Pryce
Mar-10-2018, 8:47pm
Well done Mark. CIC is one of my favorites. Fun to pic! Lp

Mark Gunter
Mar-10-2018, 8:54pm
Thanks Lane! Yep, fun tune.

Mar-11-2018, 6:45am
Your fun came thru Mark, nice version.:mandosmiley:

Clinton Johnson
Mar-11-2018, 6:58am
Great vid and excellent pickin bro! Thanks for sharing that. :mandosmiley:

Mar-11-2018, 7:03am
Sounds good, Mark! :mandosmiley: I like the funky groove too. :grin: :)

dan in va
Mar-11-2018, 5:17pm
There wasn't anything about it that i didn't enjoy. Nicely done and thanks for going to all the trouble to share.

Mar-11-2018, 6:13pm
Good job, Mark. I enjoyed the tune, your rendition, and the video.

Mark Gunter
Mar-11-2018, 10:36pm
Thanks all :mandosmiley:

Mark Wilson
Mar-12-2018, 9:03am
Well done Mark. I really like that B part. Now that it's in my head I'm prolly gonna steal it :grin:

Mark Gunter
Mar-12-2018, 7:23pm
Mark Wilson, steal away ... here's a score for that if you use dots or tabs to help: http://www.mandozine.com/music/tabledit_files/CattleInTheCane1-A-Trad.tef

Mar-12-2018, 10:11pm

I really enjoyed this version of Cattle in the Cane. It's inspired me to look it up and give it a go.

Don Grieser
Mar-13-2018, 8:54pm
Sounds great, Mark. Besides Norman's version, I really enjoy Sam's version of Cattle in the Cane on the Bluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza. Can't play it, but love to hear Sam play it.

Mark Gunter
Mar-14-2018, 8:54am
Thanks Fred & Don. I've heard Sam's version on YouTube; I need to get that extravaganza record.