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Mar-02-2018, 11:02am
Refresh with Nefesh Mountain, Beneath The Open Sky

This is one of the finest, wholly bluegrass records one will hear in not only 2018 but as a touchstone moving forward.


Doni Zasloff - vocals
Eric Lindberg - vocals, guitar, banjo
Alan Grubner - violin
Tim Kiah - bass
Sam Bush - mandolin
Jerry Douglas - dobro
Tony Trischka - banjo
David Grier - guitar


Dave Gumbart
Mar-07-2018, 10:02am
Sounds great! Thanks for the clue.

Willie Poole
Mar-07-2018, 1:11pm
Bluegrasser`s nightmare if you ask me...

Mar-08-2018, 5:55am
Refresh with Nefesh Mountain, Beneath The Open Sky ...

Amazon has samples (https://www.amazon.com/Beneath-Open-Sky-Nefesh-Mountain/dp/B078XLG3DX) of each of the album's tracks.

Track 2, "I Want To Hear Somebody Pray", seems different than the other tracks. For one thing, it has oldtime banjo instead of bluegrass banjo. I liked the sound of the Track 2 sample sufficiently well that I did something I seldom do anymore - I spent 99 cents to buy (download) just that track. :disbelief: (me? buying music when there's so much cool music for free? shocking!) :)) Anyway... it's a pretty tune. Nice banjo. Pleasant vocals and harmony.

As to the other tracks and whether or not they're "bluegrass", I have no idea, I'm not a bluegrassologist. ;) The tunes don't sound like Flatt & Scruggs, nor Bill Monroe, if that's the criteria. :confused: In any case, seems like good competent musicians on the album.

The cover art is kinda cool. I don't know if they were intentionally aiming for a 'retro' look, or if that's just the way it turned out, but either way, it seems pleasant enough. :)

JH Murray
Mar-08-2018, 7:11am
It seems odd that the band's website lists the album for sale May 2nd, but it is available on Itunes & Amazon as of March 2nd. The album reminds me of Charles Pettee's Folk Psalms project which did bluegrass settings of psalms and scriptures.

JH Murray
Mar-08-2018, 7:13am

Mar-08-2018, 12:30pm
I've seen these guys play live and their fiddle player is really good. Also, lead guitar & banjo is great! I just can't imagine what the costs are to have such stellar musicians play on your recordings? Sounds like a fun recording situation!