View Full Version : Zayna's Song

Zach Wilson
Feb-27-2018, 1:36pm

Here's a simple tune that's been rolling around in my head for a while. I made this video to help remember the song.

I call it Zayna's Song cause the first time I played it my youngest daughter went bonkers and danced all over!

Enjoy... excuse the poor recording quality and sloppy playing.

Feb-27-2018, 1:39pm
LOVED it!!!

Nice work!

Feb-27-2018, 4:30pm
I like it too. Nice tune, smoothly done. Zayna has a theme song now, for sure.

Zach Wilson
Feb-27-2018, 5:42pm
Thanks guys!

Bob Clark
Feb-27-2018, 6:18pm
Nice job, Zach! I really like it. I'd say Zayna is a lucky girl!