View Full Version : Pacific Northwest Mandolin Builders - photos?

Feb-17-2018, 8:20pm

As a transplanted New Yorker now living in Portland, I've been enjoying exploring the great work of Pacific Northwest Luthiers: Fletcher Brock, Kerry Char, Andrew Mowry, John Sullivan. The trio pictured included my newly acquired Sullivan F5, a Mowry mandola and Brock octave mandolin

Feb-23-2018, 4:51pm
Here's the one-piece back on my Mowry A. I love how much there is going on in the maple figure!

Feb-23-2018, 6:30pm
Here is a 2004 Keith Newell custom build I bought used in 2016. The esthetics may not be everyone's cup of tea but it sure is a nice mandolin with great sound. Seller also had a RL Givens A-5 for sale at the same time. I played both and preferred the Newell. I got it for way far less than the Givens eventually sold for. Keith built mandolins in Canby, Oregon, but has retired. I think he still lurks here at MC.