View Full Version : circa 1930 Kay Kraft Style A Mandocello

Feb-15-2018, 8:57pm
This week’s unusual instrument is a circa 1930 Kay Kraft Style A Mandocello. Lightly built and braced with 24 3/8” scale length, adjustable neck, perloid Kay Kraft headstock veneer. Easy to play with surprisingly good tone.



Feb-16-2018, 9:14am
This has been quite a fun series of videos, and a nice job featuring some of the many surprising directions that stringed instruments have branched into over the years!

For those who'd like a link directly to Mathew Woods' YT channel, here you go >>> LINK (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5wqACp1eBFXG0xeC_wN1NQ/videos)

Feb-16-2018, 9:30am
Really enjoyable for sure! What are those two pieces that you played here? The first I would assume was a Bach piece but I don't know that I have come across the second ever before .... Are there scores available ?

Thanks much for having cared for all these great instrument, having the chops to play them, and having the willingness to share them and your playing with all of us.

Feb-16-2018, 12:28pm
The first thing is Gavotte I from Bach's Sixth Cello Suite. Gavotte II is really cool as well, and I might have to work up a version of that one too. I just got the cello scores (Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics, Bach Six Suites for Violoncello Solo, Vol. 1565 - Revised and Edited by Frits Gaillard, 1939) and tried to keep the fingering similar to the cello score.

The second thing is just something I made up, no name and no score at least for now.


Feb-22-2018, 1:57pm
Some photos too...the photo with the neck removed and the photo of the thumbscrew inside the soundhole are actually from a Kay Kraft guitar with a similar neck adjustment mechanism as the mandocello. I had these photos and didn't feel like removing the mandocello's neck just to take new photos. The rest of the photos are the mandocello.

Jeff Mando
Feb-22-2018, 2:20pm
Cool Kay Kraft, but put some pants on, dude! :disbelief:

Feb-22-2018, 7:31pm
Ha! I guess I'm old school 1970s when shorts were shorts, but maybe an old fart in shorts is not the best look. I'll go with the blue jeans (or maybe a mandobass) next time. At least it's not a kilt!

Feb-23-2018, 1:09pm
ok.... you're going to have to get a score written for your piece so, us lazy asses who don't want to spend the time transcribing, can learn it it and make you famous ! It is so much a fun 'cello piece.... good on ya.