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James Miller
Feb-14-2018, 12:31am
So I been getting these stickers from various places, and was told they are case stickers. Since am new to this sort of thing, I suppose it is best to ask All of You how to properly place a sticker on your mandolin case.

Do know my Weber case has a few nicks and pokes from the previous owner, and mostly on the edges. Do not think an aerodynamic bug deflector (stickers) is going to save them war scars any.

So, show us a photo(s) of your fanciful cases with them stickers on them. ~:>

Feb-14-2018, 12:45am
I don't do stickers on cases but I do do stickers on my file cabinet. Not all are stickers and none are actually stuck on. Note liberal use of magnets.

James Miller
Feb-14-2018, 2:39am
Guess there was a thread from a few years back that I found using Google Images...


James Miller
Feb-14-2018, 6:31am
Am off to a good start me thinks.

Put the Sweetwater on the back side though, would not of looked as elegant on top. ~:>

Feb-14-2018, 10:45am
I don't believe there are any proper ways to sticker your case. I started by keeping them orderly with space between and now it's past Tetris to allowing overlap. Kind of like the gray hairs on my head or wrinkles on my face.


PS - I don't have a photo as my case reflects a lot of my personal / political convictions.

Bertram Henze
Feb-14-2018, 10:58am

fabric stickers on a fabric-covered case.

Feb-14-2018, 11:06am
I have a very stickered up banjo case but it, as Jamie's does, reflects a lot of my political/personal views. At this point, I am covering up old stickers on the lid with new ones. The lid and sides are full but I chose not to put them on the bottom of the case.

Mark Gunter
Feb-14-2018, 4:49pm

James Miller
Feb-14-2018, 4:53pm
Guess I wasn't thinking... should of put the MandolinCafe sticker the other direction, so when carrying it would be upside-right. The other sticker is on the car already. :grin:

Was warm enough in the house to gently peel it up with the Wenger S557 blade, Swiss make great knife edges. Is repositioned correctly now. See, there is a right way of doing this after all. ~:>

Got a lil creative with Zoner Photo Studio. :)


Feb-14-2018, 5:12pm
164999Two mandoz and a fiddle.
My northfield case is the sticker mullet, business in the front party on the back.

jim simpson
Feb-15-2018, 10:56am
Clearly I need more stickers!

Feb-15-2018, 8:48pm
There’s a case here, somewhere...

James Miller
Feb-16-2018, 12:35am
D'Addario is going to be sending some stickers out they said. Someone posted some rather old "vintage" stickers and the D'Addarrio folks were amazed someone still had those, but said the newer stickers are more "modern." So will have at another sticker (or two) to add.

Have no idea what pick-up the luther for The Getaway Drivers (https://www.getawaydrivers.net/) had installed there, so cannot ask for a sticker from the company if I have no idea what's under the hood. Seen a few amp & pick-up stickers on some of your wonderfully decorated cases!

Daniel Nestlerode
Feb-16-2018, 8:19am
A well-traveled Eastman (US market) case.



John Lloyd
Feb-17-2018, 2:28pm
Only one sticker so far, but I thought it really belonged on a mandolin case.


Feb-17-2018, 4:06pm
Here are some of my cases.

Feb-17-2018, 4:47pm
They're probably as old as the F-2 inside:


Feb-17-2018, 6:49pm
Okay, so I had a little too much fun with this one . . . .


Feb-18-2018, 5:51pm

Feb-18-2018, 6:00pm

Awesome bill sticker!

James Miller
Feb-20-2018, 7:57pm
D'Addario (http://www.daddario.com/DaddarioHome.Page?ActiveID=2626&sid=b6afcb81-8f60-4212-8811-b7b3bed95ae7) sent a page of stickers plus their NY XL one. Looks like D'Addario are more guitar oriented, and probably do not realize how many mandolins out there that equip their strings. Though I wonder, do fiddle players use the same strings as we do??



Feb-20-2018, 9:10pm
[QUOTE=James Miller;1634701][" Though I wonder, do fiddle players use the same strings as we do??"]

There are D'Addaio fiddle strings, pretty good. Additional, there are dozens of violin string companies, and way to many variations, at crazy high prices, so be thankful for cheap mando strings!

Mike Snyder
Feb-20-2018, 9:48pm

Feb-20-2018, 11:45pm
Hometown memories

Feb-21-2018, 11:27am
Don’t really want any stickers on this one…165238

Feb-21-2018, 11:42am
Not sure why it’s posting upside down... I’m getting the feeling like MC doesn’t like iPhone photos