View Full Version : Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams"

Feb-08-2018, 5:51pm

Mandola, Violin, Banjo, Piano, Bass and Drums. Got the rights from Annie and Dave to release this as a single with my band. Sorry, no bluegrass here, but maybe something fun none the less. The video is just a mashup of phone videos taken over the last couple tours. We had a great time doing something different with this well known song. Hope you enjoy it.

BTW: It's also available at most online stores for those of us who still buy music. :)

Mark Gunter
Feb-08-2018, 10:08pm
Yep, a lot of fun! Thanks.

Feb-09-2018, 2:20pm
I've always loved that song - great job!

Steve Ostrander
Feb-09-2018, 2:44pm
Nice job "Pickin' on the Eurhythmics."

Bob Clark
Mar-09-2018, 12:26pm
Love it! I like the cover as much as the original. Your band seems like a lot of fun, too. I hope you come east sometime and I can catch you in person.

Mar-09-2018, 12:42pm
Thanks for the nice comments!
Bob, where are you out east? We are heading that way sometime this year.
Also, not to do too much self-promotion... if you like what you hear and want to keep in touch, you can 'Like" us on Facebook. We just changed our band name this week. After 11 years as Humphrey-McKeown, we chose to simplify to Shadowfields. Humphrey was just too hard to pronounce... ha!


Mar-12-2018, 3:00am
That was excellent!