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Feb-08-2018, 4:20pm
Does anyone have the tabs for the break at the beginning of You Can't Break My Heart?


Drew Egerton
Feb-09-2018, 8:55am
Kellie, that's a great tune. My guess is there probably isn't any tab out there for it though.
I hate it when people answer a post with something other than what the person is looking for....but let me just say this...
I'm jumping to the assumption you don't learn by ear much so forgive me if I'm wrong....

When I got started playing, I was very dependent on tabs and had very little ability to play by ear. It certainly didn't come natural!
With time and practice and lots of listening, your ear will get better.

This tune I am guessing is in B (I just listened to it but don't have an instrument handy, and hey 9/10 LRB tunes will be in B!) and it sounds like it's all out of 1st position (not going too far up the neck).
Do you know the B scale inside and out? The main notes you'll need for this are most likely 4th fret on D string, 2nd fret on A string, 6th fret on A string, 2nd fret on the E string and 4th fret E string. That's F#, B, D#, another F# and a G#.
Those notes should get you the majority of that (unless I'm wrong and it's in Bb....in which case back it all up 1 fret).

The other thing you might look into is Amazing Slow Downer. They have an iPhone app and I believe a computer version as well. You can take a section of the tune and slow it down super slown and repeat it over and over and over. That kind of work is priceless in figuring these things out.

Hope that helps a bit, good luck!

Feb-09-2018, 11:29am
Song is in Bb.
I don't have any ideas on finding notation or tab for that kickoff. You may have to write it down yourself.

Feb-09-2018, 7:03pm
I understand. I do learn by Ear very frequently, but that's usually Irish tunes. I'm afraid that I just don't understand bluegrass enough as a style to be able to replicate everything accurately.

Ivan Kelsall
Feb-10-2018, 4:00am
Hi Kellie - I'm sure that you had the same 'problem' with Irish music to begin with. Simply apply the same strategy to Bluegrass & over time it'll come. I have exactly the opposite problem. My local Folk club is 80 / 50 Irish / English music,i'm not overly good at either - but i listen & try to replicate what i hear,i'm getting there. The great thing re.'ear playing',is that the more you do it,the more you can do it - listen,listen,listen.................!!,

Feb-20-2018, 5:08pm
Does anyone have the tabs for the break at the beginning of You Can't Break My Heart?


If you have an apple product, download the app "Loop2Learn." You will be able to slow down the song and repeat sections, then you can learn it by ear. I recommending trying to learn most material by ear. Tabs have their purpose too, but I get more from learning by ear.