View Full Version : 1893 Vinaccia Octave Mandola (Octave Mandolin)

Feb-05-2018, 6:43pm
This week's rare instrument is an 1893 Vinaccia Octave Mandola (Octave Mandolin), 21 flame maple ribs, 17 1/4" scale length



Feb-05-2018, 8:01pm
The dog has good taste.

Feb-05-2018, 9:02pm
What is the name of the first tune? And the second !?
Nice playing there. Thanks

Feb-06-2018, 1:23am
Bill: Yogi does seem to prefer mandolin family instruments over guitars and banjos. I don't mind him sniffing as long as he doesn't drool.

Doug: I'm afraid I can't help much on the names. The first tune is partly mine and partly something I think I took from the composer Telemann. Can't really remember what the Telemann thing was called since it was melody I vaguely remember learning on the recorder when I was young. I'm pretty sure whatever I'm playing is a little different from whatever I learned on the recorder back in grade school, and I haven't given the thing I'm playing a name. The second tune is part of the "Suite for Tenor Guitar" that I wrote some time back. It doesn't really have a name either.

Feb-06-2018, 11:02am
I'm curious about what gauge string is used for the G strings on such a short scale instrument? Any problems with buzz on G string?

Feb-06-2018, 12:48pm
I have used two sets of strings on the instrument without any buzzing or other issues. On the video, I am using Dogal Calace Mandola Handmade Carbonsteel Roundwound Set RW91A - .057, .042, .032, .018. I have also used Thomastik Light Mandola Set 174M, chrome flatwound over steel, approx. gauges .052, .036, .023, .015. The sets are both European made and intended for octave mandola tuning. I think I prefer the Dogals but both sets are good.

I have not tried it since Vinaccia likely intended the instrument to be tuned as an octave, but given the scale length, you could probably tune it as a long scale tenor mandola...maybe use a set of Thomastik Alt-Mandola Set 164, chrome flatwound over steel, approx. gauges .045, .028, .018, .013 or a set of Dogal Calace Mandola Contralto Handmade Carbonsteel Roundwound Set RW124, .042, .032, .025. 015


Feb-06-2018, 2:11pm
Very nice all round!

Feb-11-2018, 10:40pm
Some photos too...