View Full Version : Take Us as We Are

Daniel Nestlerode
Feb-02-2018, 10:26am
I recorded this back in October at a local sound studio for a musicians' collective called Cambridge Americana. It's an original song off a recent CD. And it's promo for a Cambs Am gig coming up in April.



John Kelly
Feb-03-2018, 2:20pm
Good sound from the trio, Daniel. Well balanced.

Feb-04-2018, 5:41pm
Loved it. My kind of music. What kind of mandolin are you playing? Sounds great. Thanks for posting.

Chuck Leyda
Feb-04-2018, 8:00pm
Sounds great!

Octave mando or mandola?

Hmm that may be confusing given the difference in terms across the pond...big mando thing tuned CGDA or GDAE?

Joey Anchors
Feb-04-2018, 8:10pm
Love it!

Denny Gies
Feb-04-2018, 8:33pm
I'd take you as you are. Nice job.

Daniel Nestlerode
Feb-05-2018, 9:25am
Thanks All!

Very kind words and much appreciated.

The instrument I'm playing is called an octave mandolin at home in the states. GDAE tuning. Here in the UK it's often called a mandola. It has a lovely short (and unusual) 19" scale length which allows me to play fiddle tunes on it without using my pinky as much as I should. There's an example on My CD, Almost Home, called "The Locktender's Reel/Temperance Reel".

I have to say it has added a new dimension to my playing and performing. I love it.

Paul Ballantyne, the guitar player in the video, bought the instrument, had Andy Irvine sign it, and played it in an Irish folk duo for a few years. He gave it to me on the condition that I never remove Andy's signature. So I call it, "The Paul Hathaway/Ballantyne Andy Irvine Signature Model Mandola".

Capo at 2 makes the song in A. Cheating, I know, but have you played barre chords on an octave mandolin for 3 minutes straight? Ouch. Plus we are definitely going for a open chord strummy vibe.


Feb-05-2018, 7:22pm
And what a good vibe it is! I enjoyed that video. All the best for the gig!