View Full Version : Sawchyn Beavertail Deluxe

Scot Thayer
Jul-06-2005, 5:56pm
There's been some discussion on these recently so I thought I'd post some pics of my new Beavertail. It was supposed to just be my camping mandolin but I was kind of surprised -it's a great little mando.

Scot Thayer
Jul-06-2005, 6:00pm
This one is maple back and sides with sitka top.

Scot Thayer
Jul-06-2005, 6:01pm
Here's another view.

Joe Mendel
Jul-06-2005, 6:12pm
That's a really nice looking mando. How does it sound compared to the Flatirons of the same style? I have 3 Sawchyn archtops and love them. Peter is great to work with and his attention to detail is second to none.

Scot Thayer
Jul-06-2005, 6:13pm
I'm not sure how this shot of the back will show up but I'll give it a try. I know Peter has another Beavertail almost ready and he might post it on the classifieds here (no financial interest on my part). I think that one has rosewood back and sides with engleman top and looks great as well.

Scot Thayer
Jul-06-2005, 6:19pm
Thanks Jomando. I've never played one of the Flatirons so I can't compare but I do like mine. And I can't agree more about Peter and his work. I've got a Sawchyn S5 and an A2c (plus a Stanley F5) and love them all.

Mike Crocker
Jul-07-2005, 7:56am
Very nice! As a flattop player I've lusted after a Sawchyn for a long time. How does it sound? Mooh.

Scot Thayer
Jul-07-2005, 6:38pm
Thanks Mooh. It's a very loud, punchy sounding mando. Peter's impression was that the sound seemed to jump right out more immediately compared to my carved top A2c where the sound seems to roll around inside for a bit first (I hope I got that right). To my ears there is a definite difference between the two but it's hard to explain or describe. I think the A2c sounds sweeter but it can sure honk when it has to as well.