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Steve Sorensen
Jan-28-2018, 1:02pm
I am so dang tickled by the progress of this current build that I just can't hold it back!

Ever since I started figuring out the "3D Binding" approach for the first FX mandolin, I've had the hankering to update the Sorensen F8 design to include this feature.

However, since the F8 takes all the twists and turns of a traditional F5 and cranks them up to an even greater level of difficulty, I've procrastinated on actually making the leap.

As luck would have it, I had a custom build commissioned for an new F8 with Tortoiseshell/White/Black triple and side binding. I pitched the idea of 3D binding and the client said, "Yeah . . . OK. . . I guess."

The actual process of finding the material and figuring out how to mill the pieces to make this idea work has been even more challenging than I imagined.

Here's a first peek of the 3D built-in armrest --


Since this update gives the F8-X the tonebars, graduations, and body volume of the other X-Series mandolins, and this build has a poppin' Red spruce top, I can tell this baby is gonna have some serious mojo in the tank.

More updates as she comes together.

Steve :mandosmiley:

Steve Sorensen
Feb-02-2018, 11:28am
A back and side view after cleaning up the binding --



Feb-02-2018, 5:07pm
Love the innovation!

Steve Sorensen
Feb-06-2018, 1:33am
3D binding on the scroll. Not as easy as I had hoped . . . but well worth the deep dive.



Steve Sorensen
Jul-17-2018, 9:00pm
So here is how it came together --

169512 169513

169514 169515 169516

169519 169520



Ron McMillan
Jul-17-2018, 11:46pm
Superb work, Steve. We are lucky to have you keeping this updated.

Steve Sorensen
Jul-18-2018, 10:14am
Thank you so much for the kind words, Ron. Much appreciated indeed!