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Steve Lavelle
Jan-26-2018, 8:34pm
These days i mostly play live and don't record much, but I once spent time trying to write and record. My brother created a chord progression he called "3 Minor Faults" (an Em waltz) that I then added a mandolin and a banjo part to. I would appreciate appraisals of the tune, my playing, and the recording quality.

There is another overly produced tune with a traditional sounding melody at the start that I've always wondered if I stole from something that's been around forever. I started playing this on the first bowl back mandolin I ever picked up over 40 years ago. This version is a recording using my Flatiron and mashes up that tune with a raga-like middle section employing too many tracks of guitars creating a bit of a sonic mess. I'm mostly curious about whether I stole that mandolin part and from where.


Mark Gunter
Jan-27-2018, 1:33pm
Wow Steve - great chops! I can't really offer much feedback on the recording mixes; I'm only just trying to figure some of that stuff out for myself. But I really like the waltz a lot. Your mandolin part is good IMO, creative and well-played. I suppose if you've been playing for 40 years, it shows. :mandosmiley:


Ha, a nice briskly played reel here ... and I didn't read your entire post beforehand, so I was a bit surprised when the guitar began rocking out in the middle of it! Very nice arrangement IMHO, I like the mashup, and your skill shows through the "sonic noise" :))Well done!


Jan-27-2018, 2:00pm
I would say both are very well played and recorded - my only suggestion would be to try turning the guitar down a little on the first one as there are a few spots where it dominates a little. Particularly liked the second tune :)

Steve Lavelle
Jan-28-2018, 1:39pm
And here is a Dawg inspired tune. Mandolin carries the rhythm, then added 2 different sounding guitars (played by Scott MacKay) and another mandolin lead track on top. Strictly a product of the studio, I can only dream of finding a guitarist who is willing to play both rhythm and lead so this can be a genuine duet like the Dawg and CGP tracks.(sigh). :crying: ;)


Jan-28-2018, 2:02pm
If you enjoy the acoustic "raga" section mixed in you might enjoy some old Boiled In Lead recordings. Add in some mid-european stuff and there you go.

Enjoy your playing quite a bit! Mix seemed fine to me.


Steve Lavelle
Jan-28-2018, 10:16pm
If you enjoy the acoustic "raga" section mixed in you might enjoy some old Boiled In Lead recordings.

Just listened to My Son John , and I see the reference.
My brother added the raga section of Steve's Reel decades after I made up the celtic melody. Listening to a lot of Richard Thompson and Steeleye Span probably influenced the rhythm and droning melody of the raga. The lead player was a deadhead.