View Full Version : “On the right side” - Flatt Lonesome cover

Jesse Kinman
Jan-25-2018, 3:07pm
Here’s my group(well, not all of them) singing “On the right side”, a cover for the Flatt Lonesome version.
I’m playing my new Kentucky KM900 mandolin, with a tonegard, and I didn’t play very good chop, I was trying a new pattern for 3/4 timing (“strum-chop-chop” versus “ ‘rest’-chop-chop)(same pattern that Flatt Lonesome has in that song), but I messed it up and wasn’t very even with the volume.
The mandolin has a lot more throttle(especially with the tonegard) than my old KM630S, more than I know what to do with to be honest, cause I’m kinda playing it timidly, trying to not play too loud...lol. I believe they had the mics just right for when I played it plenty loud in the chop, and I didn’t play that it cleanly the whole time, so the mandolin it quiet.

Hope you like it!

Steve VandeWater
Jan-26-2018, 12:05pm
When I click on it, it says that an error occurred and does not play.

Bill McCall
Jan-26-2018, 12:15pm
Works for me. Nice.

Jesse Kinman
Jan-26-2018, 1:03pm
Maybe this will help

Jan-26-2018, 1:19pm
Good job and wonderful song!!

Northwest Steve
Jan-26-2018, 2:51pm
Nice, If you were playing the new 900 is sounded great.

Jesse Kinman
Jan-27-2018, 12:03am
Thank you guys!

Mark Gunter
Jan-27-2018, 1:24pm
I love the harmony singing of gospel songs, hymns and bluegrass numbers! Thanks for sharing.

Jan-27-2018, 2:23pm
Nice job... your break in the middle was great!