View Full Version : Yanuziello Electric Mandolin

Peter Mix
Jan-24-2018, 1:04pm
Here’s a sample of one of Joe Yanuziello’s fantastic mandolins. I was very fortunate to find it as his work just doesn’t come up for sale. I had been playing it for a couple of hours and was apparently in a Yanuziello-inspired stupor when it dawned on me that this was no ordinary mandolin. The instrument has Joe’s preferred 15” scale length.

It’s an amazing instrument in all respects and it’s nice to have a little more room when playing slide.

Jim Garber
Jan-24-2018, 1:41pm
Did you mean to link to that video about the Music Emporium or to another video? I did not see any Yanuziello mandolin there, but maybe I missed it?

Peter Mix
Jan-24-2018, 1:45pm
Thanks, Jim. By the time I copied the link, it had moved on to the next video.

Please try it again.

Mark Seale
Jan-24-2018, 2:30pm
Cool instrument. Any information on the pickup? Is it chambered or solid body?

Peter Mix
Jan-24-2018, 3:27pm
Please check Joe’s site for the best information, of course, but it is a chambered instrument with a top-mounted Fralin/Yanuziello pickup. His work is gorgeous. Check out the Cupcake series.....

Jan-24-2018, 10:46pm
I had a Yanuziello mandola about 10 years ago. It was very pretty, well made, played and sounded wonderful. I reluctantly sold it when I needed to finance a change in direction. But highly recommend his work.