View Full Version : Howard Frye archive recording on NYPR Radio

Martin Jonas
Jan-21-2018, 5:59pm
I've just come across this nice archive recording of Howard Frye playing live with the New York Workmen's Circle Mandolin Orchestra, sometime in the 1960s. No idea what the piece is -- something Eastern European and lively:



Jim Garber
Jan-21-2018, 11:24pm
Thanks, Martin. That sounds like a Klezmer tune. The Workman's Circle Mandolin Orchestra eventually merged with the New York Mandolin Orchestra and Howard's widow was in the orchestra when I joined. Howard passed away before I joined tho i do have his LP. Many years ago Barry Mitterhoff sent me some recordings of a mandolin quartet that Frye and other luminati of that era played in. I have to dig that out.