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Jan-21-2018, 10:25am
If you're not hip to it yet, and care about the history of American Music, well... you might as well hear about it from your friend here at the Cafe. But be forewarned, this is not a Ken Burns style doc. ;-)

164207 (https://cocaineandrhinestones.com)

Tyler Mahan Coe's podcast, Cocaine and Rhinestones. HERE is the Louvin Brothers episode (https://cocaineandrhinestones.com/louvin-brothers-running-wild) to get you started.

Jan-22-2018, 11:20pm
Finishing up the 3+ hours on Buck Owens and Don Rich.
This is the real thing, folks. The work of a visionary audio artist.

I'll say as an aside, in the notes for Buck and Don #1 TMC has this to say: "I know I’m going to get questions about it, so, yeah, the comments I made when dissecting “Together Again” were a direct response to the Bobby Braddock episode of Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast. I don’t know anyone who knows a single thing about songwriting or a lot about country music who wasn’t disgusted by that podcast episode and I’m not even close to done illustrating why Malcolm Gladwell doesn’t know #### about country music."

I'm listening to that episode of Gladwell's podcast (http://revisionisthistory.com/episodes/16-the-king-of-tears), and I must say, it is truly and profoundly lame - especially when compared to C&R. One of the most valuable and well-financed podcasts supported by a leading production studio, with 10 or so names in the credits... and it doesn't hold a candle to C&R, a solo production. (albeit MG is a truly great print writer...)

Jan-23-2018, 10:32am
Thanks for the tip, I’m loving it so far
Gritty history of some tough musicians

Bob Visentin
Jan-23-2018, 4:20pm
Just listened to Doug Kersshaw episode. It was great. If you are a Neil Young fan you should really check this one out. I played in a Cajun band for 11 years and was surprised by how much I learned from this pod cast.

Jan-23-2018, 9:05pm
Listened to the Bobbie Gentry and Spade Cooley episodes. The Spade Cooley episode deserved the difficult content warning he put up front but both episodes were detailed, interesting and told a lot that I did not know. He has put a lot of work into this.

David Lewis
Jan-23-2018, 9:46pm
Thank you for that. Iíve subscribed.

Mar-12-2018, 8:41am
I'll just give this a bump and update. The Tyler Mahan Coe is at work on season two, with no promises when it will come out. And I notice that his good work continues to attract notice in the press. This Spring, I plan to give the whole series another listen, which will also motivate me to hit the gym. (I do most of my podcast listening while getting some excercise)