View Full Version : Blue Heron Softshell Cases

JD Cowles
Mar-10-2004, 12:35pm
I just ordered one for my F5. They look sweet and Ken was great to work with. Any of you out there in Cafeland have one?


Mar-10-2004, 12:47pm
i traded my A style case for a mandola case. great stuff.

Mar-10-2004, 4:30pm
We have an F5 style case. #They are very well made, with high quality, heavy duty hardware, and afford a great deal of protection. #Other features, such as leather lining over the peghead to keep string ends from ripping or snagging the lining, make them a cut above all of the others I've looked at. # I've had a couple of other types that have had failed zippers, failed carrying straps, and that sort of thing. #Blue Heron is in a class by itself.

JD Cowles
Mar-10-2004, 4:43pm
thanks to you both. i had a feeling that's what i'd hear. i had a colorado case gig bag a few years back. it was great don't get me wrong, but it was too loose fitting for my taste. the blue heron looks like it has a better exterior pocket too. should make festival season easier than the calton did. now i just have to wait for monday UPS...

JD Cowles
Mar-16-2004, 12:24pm
just got it this am and it was worth every penny. can't wait for festival season http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/mandosmiley.gif

Mar-16-2004, 4:21pm
I have a Colorado A-style case that I like alot but I was thinking of getting a Blue Heron F-style for the Pomeroy. The only problem is that I've never seen a Blue Heron. How do they compare with the Colorado in terms of construction and protection?


Mar-16-2004, 11:32pm
I think that construction wise the Blue Herons are much nicer. For the inner padding the Heron use closed cell neoprene as compared to a material that seems to be like carpet padding in the Colorado. The outer shell on the Heron is cordura as compared to a cotton/nylon blend twill on the Colorado. Nice leather handle on the Heron, with a large outer storage pocket. There are no exposed seams on the inside of the case. Overall the Blue Heron is a better designed case in my opinion.

JD Cowles
Mar-17-2004, 11:17am
i'd have to agree with MEP 100%. the materials are better and are more solidly constructed. the fit is perfect-i felt that the co case was a little loose for my taste. i've had both, and the blue heron is a superior case for the same amount of money.

Mar-17-2004, 2:32pm
Thanks guys. I was leaning toward the Blue Heron since they're kind of local.


Apr-17-2004, 11:56pm
i just got my blue heron case and had to say sumthin about it. i am very impressed by it, and it was definitley worth every penny. its so light, that it doesnt seem to add any weight to the mando, its like youre only holding the mandolin. i am just amazed by it. its padding is really great too, and i would reccomend them to anyone. i figured, if it was good enough for chris thile's mandolin, it was good enough for mine. and the people at blue heron were very very pleasant to work with.