View Full Version : Army-Navy Special?

Jun-30-2005, 9:57am
Hi All,

I am hoping that I can get a positive identification confirmation on this mandolin.

The information I was given was that this is a 1934 Army-Navy Special. There is no label inside, or on the metal plate at the back. I was informed that the scratch plate is painted on, but a friend of mine says it is tortoise shell.

The only mandolin close to this one I have seen on the net is made by Regal (metal plate at the back).

It has a beautiful tone - that's for sure, although the fretting bars and the action are rather high - not too friendly with slide actions.

Thank you for your time, Yves.

Eric F.
Jun-30-2005, 10:13am
Well, it's not a Gibson Army-Navy. Regal is not a bad guess. I believe there were many mandolins of this style made by many different makers under many different names. How's that for helpful? It looks like it is in good physical condition. What kind of wood is the back made of? Can you post a picture, so we can look without having to download? Instructions are in the Posting Guidelines section below. Just be sure to keep reducing the size until it fits.