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Oct-23-2017, 9:38pm
Forgive me for the off topic question here....having a really tough time finding another site to post it. Trying to help my aging mother who’s a bass player find something that’s not such a challenge to get around to jams with. Hoping for some help in identifying Wayne Taylor’s (Blue Highway) bass configuration. Need to know what type / brand bass he’s playing and how he has it set up in terms of amplification to get an upright electric to get that solid woody Bluegrass tone. Any assistance would be deeply appreciated. Thank you.

Oct-23-2017, 11:38pm
Taylor says in this article (https://bluegrasstoday.com/having-a-coffee-with-wayne-taylor/) be plays a Clevinger Bassic. Here's the Bassic page at the Clevinger website, (http://www.clevinger.com/clevbass/Clevinger%20Bassic/bassic.htm) and you can peruse the other pages to get some idea of the different Clevinger models and options.

It's basically a box with a piezo bridge, looks like a 3/4 bass scale, and a variety of legs to make it easier for either arco (bowed) or plucked playing. I don't know if Taylor plays it directly into the sound system, but in some of the Blue Highway vids on YouTube, he seems to have a bass amp behind him.

Oct-24-2017, 5:45am
Thank you!!!

Oct-24-2017, 11:44am
Another thought for your mother -- if she's not determined to play an upright instrument of some kind. Kala and Gold Tone have come out with what are actually "bass ukuleles." They use silicon/rubber or polymer strings, have a very short scale, and, amplified, sound remarkably like acoustic basses. It's a much different playing technique than playing the long "bass fiddle" scale and strings, but if what she's looking for is a smaller, easier-to-play instrument that does sound sorta like a bass fiddle (through an amp or a PA system), she and you might visit a dealer and check one of these out.

Kala U-Bass (https://kalabrand.com/pages/u-bass)

Gold Tone Micro-Bass (https://goldtonemusicgroup.com/goldtone/instruments/m-bass)

Oct-31-2017, 9:11am
Lastly look into a Bass Buggie. R/