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Jun-27-2005, 4:48pm
JangleBox Compressor Pedal (http://www.janglebox.com)

Anyone try one of these, especially with an 8-string emando? I've been very happy with my tone sans pedals, but I wonder if something like this could give me more Rickenbacker-y sort of jangle?

Jun-29-2005, 1:01am
No, how is this different from the many other compression devises?

my DSP has a compressor in its many EFX, bundled.

a 'how much' knob is its only control. gain is for unit, not each effect.

Jun-30-2005, 10:19am
I would think the best way to get that jangly sound would be to not tune your string pairs precisely. Somehow I have a hard time with the idea that compression would give that effect.


Jun-30-2005, 5:47pm
Point taken. I have played with detuned pairs on the electric, but didn't like it much.

Jul-03-2005, 7:26am
maybe with your lower pairs use one regular gauge and one unwound thin gauge and tune the unwound string to an octave like a 12 string...just a thought

Sep-18-2005, 7:14pm
As a followup, the JangleBox didn't sound very good with the mandolin. Recently I bought a Guyatone ST2 Compressor which really does work well.