View Full Version : Sierra Hull Takes the Wheel

Ted Lehmann
Oct-11-2017, 1:14pm
My column in No Depression this week focuses on Sierra Hull from her emergence as a young prodigy to her two consecutive wins as IBMA Mandolin Player of the Year. Including videos from all eras of her remarkable performing career plus revealing comments from her, it tries to present her in full.


Oct-13-2017, 1:25pm
Really good read.

Oct-13-2017, 1:28pm
When I first saw the title of this thread my heart leapt for joy. I thought/hoped that Sierra Hull, (on electric mandolin of course) was going to perform with Ray Benson's band Asleep At the Wheel. My gosh that would be wonderful.

Well you never know. The night is young.

Chris Bowsman
Oct-15-2017, 5:08pm
Excellent article. Sierra's incredible, and I can't wait to hear wherever she goes.