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Mar-09-2004, 3:22pm
no one wants to play with me on this but have a look at these:




where's a musicologist when you need one?

respectfully - bill

Mar-09-2004, 4:04pm
Frankly, the citoles linked above don't seem to me to be too concerned with historic accuracy. #They look more like medieval gittern X modern mandolin hybrids. #For citole info, I really like this graphic-heavy page (http://www.crab.rutgers.edu/~pbutler/citole.html). #More properly, the citole was semi-/pseudo-waisted and evolved to shed the waist in renaissance and later citterns (other than a small lump as a vestigial upper bout in some early citterns). #Mandore (sometimes mandora, mandour, mandwr, or even mandoraen), mandolino, and later mandolins (as well as guitar) probably evolved from the gittern. #There is a nice summary article on the origins of citterns and guitars in citole and gittern respectively in:

Baines, A. 1992. The Oxford Companion to Musical Instruments. Oxford University Press.

While distantly related to citole as they are both necked chordophones, I think of the modern mandolin as the brainchild of Neapolitan makers (most notably the Vinaccias) of the first half of the 18th c. #They hybridized the mandolino (a soprano lute-like thing) with violin tuning while borrowing some construction aspects from wire-strung guitar, the chitarra battente. #This certainly is all still debatable. #(This is all the more debatable in that I am on the day job and citing things from memory. #Forgive me.)

Mar-09-2004, 6:06pm
dear eugene -

right. i like the rutgers citole page as well because it shows what i imagine is the truly original way to make a stringed instrument.

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'night - bill