View Full Version : 3 Sisters Blugrass Fest in Chatanooga

Bob Visentin
Sep-05-2017, 2:45pm
My wife and I are going to Three Sisters this year for the first time. Anybody got any advice? Is there any parking lot pickin'? What's the scene like?

Bob Visentin
Sep-07-2017, 3:05pm
nobody got any info? Really?

Bob Visentin
Sep-07-2017, 4:20pm
Check out the line up


Sep-07-2017, 5:29pm
That is an impressive line-up! Don't think you can go too wrong.

Bob Visentin
Oct-04-2017, 4:12pm
anybody else going? Should I bring and instrument? Is there any parking lot pickers?

Oct-05-2017, 7:57am
I've never been but always wanted to go. Got family stuff this weekend so I can't go. I would have really liked to see Del McCoury Band.

I don't really get the impression they have a lot of jamming there, but I don't know for sure. It seems like less of a hard-core bluegrass, RV and camp-out crowd festival (like the one on Raccoon Mtn) and more of a, we're downtown and there's a free festival going on, so let's check it out festival. But what a lineup.

You might want to check out some cool music stores while you're there. The Folk Music Store (lots of Eastman mandos) and Fiddler's Anonymous, both in Red Bank not too far from downtown. Mountain Music near St. Elmo (just south of downtown) usually has a couple of nice mandolins.

Drew Streip
Oct-05-2017, 8:17am
Chattanooga local here. I haven't really seen any parking lot picking the few times I've been. The festival is right off the main road by the waterfront, so the stage is in a field, but parking is actually in a legitimate city-operated lot.

Doublestoptremolo hit the nail on the head. The road is closed to traffic, but it's an area of heavy foot traffic. If I have time to get down there, I'll definitely go. Couldn't hurt to bring a mandolin. Call the Folk Music Store or Fiddler's Anonymous and see if they have any jams going on (apparently there are several in the city every week).