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Jun-24-2005, 7:24am
Hi... would love to get together with a couple of players to play some Celtic or Bluegrass music in Vienna, Austria. I play Mandolin but am not an expert in any way. Still, would love to have some fun picking with a group.

Klaus Wutscher
Jun-24-2005, 7:48am
Hi 1860-
A fellow cafe member in Vienna, how cool is that!!! Actually I play mandolin in a bluegrass band and a country band, there are occasional jams and irish folk sessions if you know where to look.
I have a gig tonight with my bluegrass band Building Bridges ( www.building-bridges.at) at the Bodega Manchega 1090 Vienna, Nordbahnstrasse, see our webpage for details). Also make sure to check out Nugget (www.nugget.at) a superb bluegrass band partly based in Vienna. Donīt hesitate to contact me I can get you in touch with most whatīs going on here. And whatever you do- bring your Old Wave!

Jun-24-2005, 2:20pm
Servus Klaus!

Would love to go see your concert (which is probably happening right at this moment, so only a diehard Cafe member would be still logged in)..... but just got in from a trip. We are also out the door for 2 weeks vacation tomorrow at the Attersee, so will be back around the 9th of July or so... Will send you my details then and maybe we can get together..