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Jun-22-2005, 5:02pm

I am having an active EMG single coil put into my Mann. I'm thinking that it'll have the ringy tone that I enjoy from my Fender guitars and hopefully some good punch when I kick it in. Anyone else try EMGs or am I alone in this experiment?

Jun-22-2005, 5:14pm
EMG passive 'select' strat stack humbucker, retrofit on fender FM61.
same but different

active means there has to be space for the PC boards and the battery holder.

Jun-22-2005, 5:22pm
How did it work for you? Was it what you expected?

GD Armstrong
Jun-23-2005, 1:48am
Which of the EMG actives did you go for?
I've used the EMG-SA in a couple of e-mandos and octaves - a nice ringey Strat sound. The EMG -B & BZ work well to electrify an acoustic oval hole or bouzouki ( which they were made for). My favorite is the EMG-FT it has a warm airy sound but can be made to distort nicely by adding the EMG Afterburner to it.


Jun-23-2005, 9:15am
BJC What pickup is in your Mann now?

Jun-23-2005, 1:42pm
The pickup that is in there now is a Bill Lawrence single coil bass pickup.
GD---don't remember the model number of the EMG..
I just think that the bass pickup is not compatible with the the higher pitches. I have a mandobird and the the e string is almost invisable...not quite as bad on the Mann...but when I go high the buzz fades in before the note has sustained out and I needed something quieter that could still grind...Thanks y'all...keep 'em coming and I will give an update wehn I get her back and play her for a while...

Jun-23-2005, 2:33pm

I have Bill Lawerence humbuckers in my Rono which sound great but that is completely different pickup than the bass pickup in your Mann.

Im using a Seymour duncan cool rails in My Mann 5 string as well as a fender 8 string. It is wired series/parallel with a push/pull pot on the tone control. It makes my Mann sing like an angel. IM sure the Twin reverb is helping as well.

Let us know how the EMG active sounds when you put it in.

Good luck!!!!

Jun-24-2005, 3:13pm
For me it was 3 part deal, MOT was replaced by plain black pickguard,
separate tone and volume pots were replaced by one gang pot in the position where the tone pot was, the V seemed always in the way
The Stack humbucker was a bargain, at $20, half that of the fender lace sensor gold around which my 4 string electric was built.

works out OK ,I spent money, that all that matters, really. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wow.gif

Pedal Steel Mike
Jun-25-2005, 1:50am
I have EMG active pickups on one of my guitars. To say they sound great is a major understatement.

The guitar in question is one in which I was initially very disappointed. With the stock pickups, it sounded thin and weak, but the EMGs saved it. Now it has punch and ommph and tone from here to the moon and back.

I'd be very interested in what they would do for a mandolin.

Jul-04-2005, 3:22pm
I'm using EMG-B (active single coil PU) on my bouzouki. The sound is perfect; EMG did great work..! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/mandosmiley.gif

Jul-05-2005, 9:28am
Contact Steve Ryder. He hand-winds his own pick-ups for use on his own emando's and also for retro-fits.

Jul-20-2005, 8:54pm
greetings...I'e been playing with the EMG and here (hear) are my observations...it has a very nice clean tone...good ring...the high e (even overdriven) is much more distinct...the guys in my rock band love the improvement...however, I must say that it is still closer to a good blues sound rather than a metal or rock tone...a humbucker might be the solution for that...But it sounds sweet and I don't need to make adjustments to my amp when I switch from guitar (I play Fender guitars through Fender amps)..hope this helps someone out there...

Jul-21-2005, 1:57am
Active = battery powered, right?

I like humbuckers because single coil pickups can tend to hum.
And they're so monotone.

Jul-21-2005, 5:43pm
Whoa...that's more than I know...guess I'm out of the gear club now :-(....And I do finger tap on the electric mando does that count as a "trick?" I like the tone just fine..it does remind me of a Fender guitar...Can't help to wonder though what a humbucker would sound like. I love the Fender clean sound on guitar, but NOTHING beats the crunch of a Les Paul for dirt...
What is the vibe out here in electric mando land? Clean vs. Crunch Single coil vs. Humbucker?

Jul-22-2005, 12:04am
By now the modeling digital signal processors do all the other stuff.
it chameleons to any color they can think of..

not as good as Squid,though. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wow.gif

Jul-22-2005, 9:24am
As stated before. I love a humbucker sound with the 5 string. It fattens up the sound. My 2 cents anyway.