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Jul-30-2017, 12:51pm
I've been having a lot of fun reading through this book. There is a nice version of Kentucky Mandolin (and 199 other tunes) Anyone have one, too?

Russ Jordan
Jul-30-2017, 2:49pm
Link to info?

Nathan Kellstadt
Jul-30-2017, 3:14pm
Appears to be long out of print. Amazon has two used copies. (https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B001P5NYSY/ref=sr_1_1_olp?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1501444639&sr=1-1&keywords=jeff+yates+bill+monroe)

Jul-30-2017, 3:49pm
That's the one. All notation - no tab, which is fine with me but might not be everyone's cup of tea.

Nathan Kellstadt
Jul-30-2017, 4:01pm
Thanks for posting this, Mandocaster. I'd never seen this before.

Jul-30-2017, 4:02pm
Is it mostly Monroe instrumental tunes? Sounds interesting.

Nathan Kellstadt
Jul-30-2017, 7:49pm
I believe these are the tunes in the book. I copy & pasted this, so any errors are via the (only) website I found with the tunes listed.

Amazing grace
Arkansas traveler
Ashland breakdown
Ballincollig in the morning
Banks of the Ohio
Beaumont rag
Beautiful brown eyes
Beyond the gate
Billy Barlow
Bill Cheatham
Billy in the lowground
Black-eyed Susie
Black mountain rag
Blackberry blossom
Blue goose
Bound to ride
Bowling green
Bravest cowboy
Buffalo gals
Bury me beneath the willow
Camptown races
Candy gal
Careless love
Chasin' women
Columbus stockade blues
Come hither to go yonder
Comin' round the mountain
The coo coo bird
Cotton-eyed Joe
Crawdad song
Cripple creek
Cryin' holy
Cumberland gap
The dead march
Devil's dream
Dill pickle rag
Do, Lord
Done gone
Don't this road look rough and rocky?
Down in the valley
Down in the willow garden
Duelin' banjo
Dusty miller
East Virginia
The eighth of January
Evening prayer blues
Fair and tender ladies
Fair play
Farther on
Fiddler's pastime
Fire on the mountain
Fisher's hornpipe
Flop eared mule
Foggy mountain top
Forked deer
Froggy went a-courtin'
Garry Owen
The girl I left behind me
The girl I left in sunny Tennessee
Give me the roses now
Goin' up Caney
Going to Georgia
Gotta travel on
Grandfather's clock
Grey eagle
Hand me down my walking cane
Handsome Molly
Hard, ain't it hard
Harvest home
Heel and toe polka
Highway to sorrow
Home, sweet home
Hot corn, cold corn
Hull's victory
- Hush, little baby
I wish I was a mole in the ground
I'll be all smiles tonight
I'll fly away
I'm a pilgrim
In the pines
Irish rover
Jackson's bottle of brandy
Jenny Lynn
Jerusalem ridge
Jesse James
John Hardy
John Henry
Johnson boys
June apple
Just over in gloryland
Katie Hill
Kentucky mandolin
Kiss me waltz
Knoxville girl
Lady of the blue ridge
Late last night
Leather breeches
The Lee weddin' tune
Life is like a mountain railroad
Little old log cabin in the lane
Little Sadie
Lone green valley
Lonesome moonlight waltz
Lord, I'm coming home
Lost Indian
Lucky lady
Maple on the hill
Mary Jane, won't you be mine
Melissa's waltz for J.B.
Methodist preacher
Midnight on the stormy deep
Milenburg joy
Miller's reel
Miss Monroe's jig
Mississippi Sawyer
Mississippi waltz
Momma don't 'low
Monroe blues
More pretty girls than one
My Florida sunshine
My last days on Earth
My Louisiana love
My old Kentucky and you
My sweet blue eyed darlin'
My sweet memory
New river train
Oh, my little darling
Old Dan Tucker
Old danger field
Old Ebenezer Scrooge
The old grey mare came tearing out of the wilderness
Old Joe Clark
Old rattler
Old Rosin, the beau
Old time religion
On top of old smokey
One morning in May
Owen Malone
Paddy on the turnpike
Poltergeist's lament
Poor white folks
Precious memories
Pretty fair maiden in the garden
A prisoner for life
Ragtime Annie
The rakes of mallow
Red haired boy
Red river valley
Red rocking chair
Reuben's train
Rickett's hornpipe
Right, right on
Road to Columbus
Rosa Lee McFall
Sailor's hornpipe
Saint Anne's reel
Sally Ann
Salt river
Say old man (Ladies Fancy)
She's young (and I'm growing old)
The ship Titanic
Shortnin' bread
Sitting on top of the world
Six feet under the ground
Soldier's joy
Somehow tonight blues
Sourwood mountain
Standing in the need of prayer
Sugar in the gourd
The sunset trail
Swing low, sweet chariot
Teddy Malo's jig
Temperance reel
Texas blue bonnet
Texas gallop
Tom and Gerry
Tom Dooley
Tragic romance
Turkey in the straw
Under the double eagle
Wabash cannonball
Walk softly on this heart of mine
Walkin' boss
Walls of time
Watson blues
Way down the old plank road
Who's gonna shoe your pretty little foot
When you and I were young, Maggie
Whiskey before breakfast
Whistling Mike
Wild Bill Jones
Worried man blues
Wreck of old ninety-seven
You're a flower in the wildwood

Jul-31-2017, 4:47am
Some very obscure stuff there. Poltergeist's Lament?

Nathan Kellstadt
Jul-31-2017, 8:45am
Some very obscure stuff there. Poltergeist's Lament?

You don't play Poltergeist's Lament at your local jam?

Jul-31-2017, 10:21am
I think a few of the tunes, including the forgotten poltergeist's lament were penned by Jeff Yates, the editor of the collection.

Jul-31-2017, 12:36pm
Looks like a pretty cool collection. I bought one of the copies and it looks like someone else did, because it's sold out now. One other question: is the music for the vocal songs a transcription of a mandolin solo or the vocal melody?

Jul-31-2017, 1:31pm
I have this book. Many of the tunes are not in the original keys. The transcription is the basic melody, not the breaks. Still a nice resource.

Bill Foss
Jul-31-2017, 2:26pm
Are these transcriptions in Monroe style from recordings of him? I'm a Bill Monroe junkie and I never recall him playing Red Haired Boy for example. If the author wrote some of these tunes why is Monroe's name on the book title? I'm trying to figure out if I should buy this. After re reading the above posts it sounds like this is false advertising at best and exploiting Bill Monroe's name at worst.

Aug-01-2017, 1:35am
Well, I'm sure Bill got payed, so it wouldn't be exploitation. I haven't read through a quarter of it, but my feeling is that the actual Monroe tunes are passable transcriptions, while something like red haired boy is pretty generic. It's not the most amazing book, but it's a resource.

Aug-03-2017, 11:59am
You don't play Poltergeist's Lament at your local jam?

Believe it or not - no. Though might be worth it for Halloween :)

Aug-05-2017, 7:21am
Believe it or not - no. Though might be worth it for Halloween :)

If it's Halloween you're after, you can do a set we're working on which includes the theme from the Munsters's TV show. Munster Hop/Munster theme. Believe it or not, I found it on the session.org