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Jun-20-2005, 2:05pm
went to go see santana with los lonely boys (as a side note- love llb, but when henry played with carlos it was like watching someone going to school)the other night.

carlos was amazing as always, as i listened to some of the jamming i was thinking of how good some of those tunes would sound on mando- anyone try santana tunes?http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/rock.gif

Jun-20-2005, 2:44pm
Samba Pa Ti is a lovely tune and is gorgeous to tremolo.

Jun-20-2005, 6:49pm
I've been working on Europa.

Jun-21-2005, 8:07am
"Oye Como Va" #Lots of Santana signature licks and techniques. Again, with transferring guitar stuff on to mando, it's not just a matter of playing the same pitches, but finding the neck positions which allow you to get the same (more or less) phrasing. And then you try to get as close to that player's sound as you can - that's the real exercise. Does it sound Santana fooling around on a mandolin? If not, then more work is called for.

"Black Magic Woman" is also good. (So is Peter Green's original Fleetwood Mac version, as well as most of Green's Mac-era playing. Then Play On - Fleetwood Mac, is a great album for guitar work.)


Jun-21-2005, 8:40pm
Evil Ways in GM -
3 chords

Gm C D

works great on mando

Jun-22-2005, 8:45am
Evil Ways in GM -

works great on mando
And the B3 organ solo sounds quite good on accordion, too. But then again, what is, in reality, an accordion anyway? ..... a highly portable acoustic reed organ played vertically rather than horizontally.

Jun-22-2005, 11:23am

Jun-23-2005, 6:15pm
Mandocrucian - I ussually play it on octave mandolin -

a keyboard player showed me it in Am ( Am D E)
but when we tried to jam with the CD - Carlos is surley doing it in Gm - ( I think it is easier to sing in Gm if you call what I do singing) but if guitar players don't like the Gm - Am works too.

Jul-22-2005, 4:53pm
i play black magic woman. Way easy and fun to riff out on. Real slow and some fast bursts here and there. lots of sustain and you should be good.
lots of fun if you have an electric guitar friend.

Aug-08-2005, 12:54am
Basicly, Santana adopts Latin rythms to rock for most songs, so just about any of his songs should work for mando. Europa is surprisingly easy for jams, though it has such a jazzy feel.

Tennessee Jed
Aug-23-2005, 5:55pm
Thanks for reminding me about Samba Pa Ti. It's one of my favorites but it never occurred to me to play it on the mando. I doodled around with it last night and picked up on it pretty quickly.