View Full Version : Whiskey before Breakfast - New Song Version

Oz Camera
Jul-11-2017, 4:53am
I have been worked on this tune and Text and make my own version of this great traditional. Enjoy!

Skip Kelley
Jul-11-2017, 5:32am
Oz, really nice arrangement! You have a wonderful voice as well! Thanks for sharing!

Oz Camera
Jul-12-2017, 8:30am
Thanks for your feedback. Nice to hear from you!

Dan Krhla
Jul-12-2017, 8:33am
Really creative. Arranged well, played well. A pleasure to listen to!

Jul-12-2017, 10:37pm
Like your arrangement.

The words to Whiskey Before Breakfast were written (fairly recently) by Carolina musician Mike Cross, who said, "I always thought the tune oughta have some words to it."

Cross, a very active and prolific musician, songwriter and performer, has been laid low by what he describes as a "tick-borne disease" (perhaps Lyme disease?), according to his website. (http://www.mikecross.com)

Here is Cross performing Whiskey Before Breakfast, fiddle and vocals.

Jul-13-2017, 7:51am
Off topic or not, anybody that can sing and play fiddle at once, and do it so well, is tops in my book.

Oz Camera
Jul-16-2017, 1:49pm
Thank you very much. Lovely Greetings from Berlin.

Oz Camera
Jul-16-2017, 1:54pm
Great! Thank you, very much. I like the version of Mike Cross! I don't that the Words came from Mike Cross. I thought there were older!

Jul-17-2017, 8:00pm
Tune's been around a long time, Cross's words are pretty new.