View Full Version : Tennessee and E. Tennessee Blues - Keep them Straight, Boys!

Jun-23-2017, 5:26pm
I posted a new Mike Compton Video in the video section, but I think most of the interest is here in Bluegrass Etc...

If you're going to Monroe Mandolin Camp, the videos from this show should be a fine set to practice to. There really is no player quite like Mike Compton. You can call him Monroe-style, and there's no doubt who his biggest influence is. But he certainly has developed his own way, and I like it.

Here are two more videos that I produced for the boys, just released.



Bill McCall
Jun-23-2017, 6:29pm
I'm a little confused. I was expecting to see the band 'Bluegrass Etc'. Saw them at the Sacajawea Festival in Pasco Wa a couple weeks ago. Pretty awesome.

Jun-24-2017, 4:10am
Saw them at the Sacajawea Festival in Pasco Wa a couple weeks ago...

Ha! That looks like a fun festival, and since I'm in the tri-cities from time to time to visit family, I hope to get to it someday!

Jun-24-2017, 5:37am
Thanks, Brad! These guys are fabulous. A match made in heaven!

Jun-25-2017, 9:23am
Thanks, Brad! These guys are fabulous. A match made in heaven!

A great show and I've learned a lot working on the videos. I do hope they have the chance to play together more (I think this was the first time they ever played a set together). Compton has paired off w a bunch of great musicians over the years. But Daves is unique (perhaps) in matching Mike's passion for Monroe style on the guitar as well as mandolin.

Jun-28-2017, 12:00pm
I'll just point out that (West) Tennessee Blues is killing East Tennessee Blues so far, with twice and many views and likes on YT. I guess it IS more 'modern' and certainly more typically Monroe. But I do love the syncopation that Compton lays down on this second round of East TN Blues.

Jun-28-2017, 12:58pm
Two incredible pickers, two great tunes! Thanks Brad!

Nathan Kellstadt
Jun-28-2017, 1:03pm
Thanks Brad!

Seriously, Brad, all of these amazing, high quality videos that you post are fantastic. Truly appreciate your efforts.

Jun-28-2017, 2:23pm
Thanks for posting these videos. The tunes are great and fantastically well played. But I also really enjoyed examining the right hand technique exhibited by both MC and MD. MC has such a wonderful steady strong accurate 'motordrive' - something I am striving to approximate. MD has a similar technique going on his leads but switches effortlessly into his backup technique and back again to the lead. I don't play guitar at all, but I find his skill to be just as fascinating to watch as MC's.

Jun-28-2017, 4:51pm
Thanks for the kind words, folks. It's a treat to get to work with such talented musicians!

PS, I couldn't agree more with Hank - these guys both have great right hand technique, well worth studying and emulating! Lots of great players who are not good 'role models' (in this one particular area ;) ), but I'm a believer in these two!