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Jun-13-2017, 8:59pm
I'm starting another band in the traditional Bluegrass style. I play Monroe style mandolin, Banjo and play Rhythm guitar and sing (will be doing so in band). I'm looking for serious band mates looking to start something tight and something with an old sound. The two main types of musicians (as stated in the title) are a Monroe style mandolinist/tenor singer and a Bluegrass fiddle player that can really dive deep into the early days of Bluegrass(Chubby Wise, Benny Martin, Charlie Cline etc.) As for the mandolin/ tenor singer the mandolin style should be relatively close to Bill but the farthest out there you should go is Bobby Osborne but even that may be a stretch. I'm sorry if I come of like a Hardcore traditional Bluegrasser but I just have a specific sound in my head that I'd like to create with likeminded musicians. As for the mandolin players tenor singing it should be able to hit a high A without straining or going into falsetto. Falsetto is fine as long as the power is still there. Fiddle player should also be comfortable twining as I may have another fiddle player on the line. If you're interested or know anyone who might be, email me or send me a message, I'd be happy to answer any further questions right here in the forum. I'm based in CT but I'm looking to move the band south if it takes off

Jun-14-2017, 8:48am
Is this a new thread?

Jun-14-2017, 8:52am
Bluegrass with twin fiddles is the bees knees. Just a wonderful sound.

Jun-14-2017, 3:50pm
Might really be helpful for you to say where in the world you are and where the band might be centered. Dubai. Congo. ?

Jun-14-2017, 4:22pm
Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V of last sentence in post1:

I'm based in CT but I'm looking to move the band south if it takes off

(now, CT may be Constantinople, but I doubt it)... :mandosmiley:

William Smith
Jun-14-2017, 4:56pm
I guess this guy knows what he wants in a band!? If thats what ya want but what happened to originality ya know, musicians playing together and developing their own style/sound? Nothin wrong with that in my thought process anyway. I guess its all in what one likes and wants:)

Jun-14-2017, 5:01pm
Bluegrasser, he says style like, that kind of makes me think he'd like to do maybe wider scoped music with the very traditional style. I like the idea a lot. My band does several original tunes which tip the hat to the Stanley's or WSM's sound.

William Smith
Jun-14-2017, 5:23pm
I kinda took as he for sure wants a certain sound, that would be like someone saying they want to have a mandolin player that can play like John Duffey or better yet sing just like him-Impossible task IMO, no one comes close to sing like John, now that's originality. Nothing wrong with playing someone's style, my mind can't, I'm just an improve player that plays what I feel at the moment unless it's a straightforward fiddle type tune.