View Full Version : What is the title of this Louvin Brothers song?

Jon Hall
Jun-11-2017, 5:05pm
What is the title of this song that I think was recorded by the Louvin Brothers? It contains this line,

"If anyone could pray each night and thank the Lord that all is right,
We could, we could, you and I.

I looked for a title containing "We could" at Amazon but couldn't find it.

Jun-11-2017, 5:39pm
The title is "We could". It was recorded by a lot of people.

Jun-11-2017, 5:40pm
Jim Reeves:


Jun-11-2017, 5:42pm
Charley Pride.

Jun-11-2017, 5:44pm
I've never heard it by the Louvin Brothers but if they did it I would assume it was great.

Jun-11-2017, 5:48pm
It appears to be in this CD set:


Number 14 on Disc 2.

Jun-11-2017, 5:52pm
Thanks for the heads up. I just ordered that puppy. That's many hours of travel listening there. :cool:

Jon Hall
Jun-11-2017, 6:19pm
Thanks for the replies!

Jun-12-2017, 8:31am
I'm pretty sure that was written by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant.

Steve VandeWater
Jun-22-2017, 1:11pm
I bought a 4 cd set of The Louvin Brothers (Eight Classic Albums) a few weeks ago at Half Price Books. $10 and it was brand new in the packaging. "We Could" is #2 on disc 2. Oddly, none of the 4 cd's had "Cash on the Barrelhead", "I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby", "Pitfall", or "Hoping That You're Hoping" on them. Those are several of my favorites. I just assumed they'd be on there so I didn't read through all the titles.

Jun-22-2017, 1:16pm
Most of those are on the 6 CD set I listed above. I'm through disk 5 starting disk 6 on the way home.