View Full Version : Favorite Old-Time CDs [preferably with mando]?

Jun-13-2005, 4:46pm
Just getting started on mando [after many years playing out on tenor sax]. I'm more interested in a sort of eclectic roots music approach, rather than straightahead bluegrass. And I'm looking to expand my CD collection.

So...what should a starting mando player be listening to as far as old-time / pre-bluegrass stuff?

Jun-13-2005, 7:52pm
Norman & Nancy Blake's "Natasha's Waltz" is fantastic. #You might also try David Grisman's "Tone Poems" with Tony Rice. The disc features a different grouping of vintage (and more recent) mandolins and guitars on each track. #Nice stuff.

Cheers, Todd

Jon Hall
Jun-13-2005, 10:02pm
If I had to choose one album to introduce someone to old time music it would have to be SONGS FROM THE MOUNTAIN by Dirk Powell, Tim O'Brien & John Herrmann. Great songs and great musicianship. The real recordings from the 30's and 40's are some what like raw oysters... it's an acquired taste.

Jim Garber
Jun-13-2005, 10:20pm
"Little River Stomp" by the Buckhannon Brothers (http://members.i4f.net/otmando@i4f.net/littleriver.html). You can hear a selection on the Cafe mp3 page (http://www.mandolincafe.com/mp3/).


Bruce Evans
Jun-14-2005, 6:26am
Clyde Curley and the Oxymorons

In my opinion this is definitive old time mandolin.

John Flynn
Jun-14-2005, 6:27am
I will second the Buckhannon Bros. CD. Also keep an eye out for thier next CD, due out soon, basically whenever they get around to it!

I can also recommend:

"Old-time Mandolin Music" by Clyde Curley and the Oxymorons.

"Old-Style Mandolin, V1" by Skip Gorman.

"Traditional Fiddle Tunes" by Liedstrand, Lung and Green. You have to email Harry Liedstrand at hdliedstrand@comcast.net to get a copy, but he is great to deal with and it is well worth it. These guys all used to play with Kenny Hall. Mando on every track.

"Laugh and Grow Fat" by the Ill-Mo Boys (featuring Curtis Buckhannon) http://www.vigortonerecords.com/

BTW, all the CDs on the Vigortone site are great old-time music. NFI

Jun-14-2005, 8:13am
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check some of those out. I think the local Wal-Mart even has a copy of that Tim O'Brien album...

Jun-14-2005, 10:08am
I'll second Clyde Curley...
Nice to hear a well-recorded F4...

For modern stuff, you might want to pick up a Foghorn String Band recording...
Caleb Klauder rips it up pretty good on his Sully F5....

Jeff Hoelter
Jun-14-2005, 10:42am
That "Songs From The Mountain" CD is one of my all-time favorites. I was fortunate enough to see them when they toured supporting that CD...also saw Tim and Dirk do a show together where they played a bunch from that disc.


Jun-15-2005, 1:23pm
I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Monroe Brothers -- OK, it's Old Time in Overdrive but... and of course the Blue Sky Boys.

Jun-16-2005, 9:34am
To answer my own question --- I just started listening to some Uncle Dave Macon. #I don't know whether he properly qualifies as "old time," but I sure do like him.

Yeah, I picked up that 4-disk Proper box set --- two disks of Bill and Charlie, two disks of Bluegrass Boys.

Those early Bluegrass Boys recordings with the accordion player are especially intersting to me --- if Bill had hooked up with a brilliant accordion player instead of Earl Scruggs, the sound could've developed in a whole different direction.

Jun-16-2005, 12:47pm
If you want to have a listen to Foghorn String Band, go have a listen to my radio station today and today only (Thursday June 16th) to hear a Foghorn concert in it's entirety...
(With permission from Foghorn)....

Here (http://www.live365.com/stations/radiofreeolga) it is...

The concert is an hour long, but I threw a few tunes from Caleb Klauder's other bands on there, so just be patient and the concert will come up....

Here tis:

Foghorn String Band
Alberta Street Public House
Portland, OR

Source: Matrix - Soundboard with modified MXL 2003's on stage >
# # # # # # # # #Behringer Eurorac MX-1604 mixer > Lunatec V3 >
# # # # # # # # #Sony ES-700 DAT >Soundforge 6.0 > flac
Mixed and recorded by: Leigh MacKenzie
Transfered and tracked by: Chip Russell

01- Let Me Fall
02- John Henry
03- Nobody's Darlin' But Mine Love
04- Sally Ann
05- Lonesome Road Blues
06- The Fiddler's Blues
07- Ida Red
08- John Brown's Dream
09- Grave On The Green Hillside
10- Sow 'Em On The Mountain
11- Goin' To The Free State
12- Diamond In The Rough
13- Georgia Railroad

(There's some commercials in there--sorry about that! #Maybe someday RFO can go commercial-free).


Jun-16-2005, 10:06pm
Thanks, Bruce. Great to hear 'em "live." I'll miss seeing them (once again) later this month when they play at the Indiana Fiddler's Gathering.