View Full Version : A New Addition to my stable... a secondhand Fylde with a history

Mar-07-2017, 10:57am
My recently acquired Fylde is now 'ready to play' .. and it is sounding sweet :)

I bought it from a friend who frequents the same Folk Club as I do. He originally bought it from Roger Bucknall himself - allegedly, it was Roger's own instrument. It seems to be an older model, serial number is 4090.

When I got it, it had 5 year old strings on it, had a bridge that had been damaged when 'someone' (nobody involved is owning up to it) tried to reduce the action too low. the A and E strings sounded nasty when played hard, and it was too damn quiet.

I too it to my local luthier, Ged Green (Cheadle, UK) and he did an amazing job. Added a strip to the bottom of the bridge, reshaped it, recut the saddle, restrung it and set it up nicely.

It now sounds sweet... and LOUD!

All in all, I am out of pocket about 240 in total - which has to be the best mando-bargain I have ever had.

Very happy bunny :)


Ron McMillan
Mar-07-2017, 11:29am
That looks like it will be a lot of fun, and all that for a bargain basement price. Well done.

Randi Gormley
Mar-07-2017, 12:02pm
nice -- congrats!

Dave Hanson
Mar-08-2017, 2:21am
I once had one of these, it's the only instrument I ever regreted selling, great sounding and easy playing.

Dave H

Mar-13-2017, 8:09am
thanks guys - I got lucky :)

I have to move house soon and there will need to be a 'cull' of my collection - this will NOT be involved in the cull, nor will my Breedlove, Buchanan or Stradolin - reckon between them I have most bases covered.

Apr-19-2019, 10:22am
You're hardly selling this now?

Denman John
Apr-19-2019, 11:36am
Sometimes you get lucky!

Congrats and enjoy it in good health.