View Full Version : Nyberg Mandola In Process

Mar-01-2017, 2:59pm
Here are three pictures that Lawrence sent me, we are getting near the end of the process. Love the look of the paduak wood. Love the look of the top. Love the look of the neck. Am very excited. Great looking work Lawrence.

Mar-01-2017, 3:17pm
One note. Lawrence will be putting the instrument in the spray booth this week. So what you see is "white" and unfinished. This gives you some idea of how much color is involved with the paduak wood.

Don Grieser
Mar-02-2017, 8:47pm
Hey Tony, that's a gorgeous mandola. Beautiful wood and wonderful build quality. It will certainly give you another mandola voice to go with your Girouard mandola.

Mar-03-2017, 10:37am
Don, when I first commissioned the Nyberg, my other mandola was an Old Wave that had sort of a warm folky tone. I assumed the Nyberg would be quite different. I am curious to hear how the Nyberg will compare to the Girouard. Then only Nyberg I have played was a cittern that is for sale at Carter's. That instrument is clearly different than the Girouard, but being a cittern makes it a different beast entirely. I am curious. I would imagine quite different, but not exactly sure how.

Mar-29-2017, 7:56am
Lawrence just sent these to me last night. I was speechless. What a beautiful job. Simple elegance. The Padauk wood looks great with the binding. I have a great feeling that it will sound as good as it looks, but I have no real sense of what it will sound like. Thank you Lawrence.