View Full Version : Sunburst top with solid color back and sides?

Feb-28-2017, 6:59am
For my latest build I'm considering the scheme but not sure if I've seen the combo. Does anyone have a pic of a sunburst top with single color on the back and sides?

Max Girouard
Feb-28-2017, 8:57am
We do all our Studio models like this.


Mike Black
Feb-28-2017, 9:31am
You mean like the old Gibson A4 and F2?

Feb-28-2017, 10:27am
Close max. But the back and sides are somewhat sunburst'd, looks like black was used to fade the headstock area.

And I was looking for something a little more "modern" Mike. Sorry i didn't specify. I am thinking or solid "gretsch" orange back and sides with a orangish/yellow sunburst on top...

Mar-02-2017, 9:31am
I believe Gibson F5-G's often come in this configuration.

Mar-13-2017, 2:21pm
I have the reverse of this idea on my old,#61 Red Diamond. It was originally sunburst all over;but the top needed refinished
so,Wheel Kimble did a blackface and I asked him to leave the sunburst back&sides. It's killer.