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Mark Gunter
Feb-26-2017, 10:53pm
I had some time today to fool around with my Ableton Live DAW, and I made my first ever recording. It's rough, and I noticed that there are some crackles in the audio, I need to determine whether that was produced in the WAV file my software exported, or whether it was introduced when this was uploaded to YouTube.

Please excuse my fledgling first attempts; I know absolutely nothing about mixing audio. My mandolin track gets pretty much lost in the middle - but it's there somewhere.

The song is A Train Robbery

Feb-27-2017, 8:58am
Pretty impressive for a first try. Keep it up.

Feb-27-2017, 10:01am
Mark, there's much niceties given to folks who showcase their vocals, no matter how bad they may be, people tend to say, hey good job! But you, wow, your voice is unique, interesting, enjoyable, in the vibe of Johnny Cash.. He had this wavering, slightly off balance tone to his voice, like he was hurting deep inside. That makes a great vocal. You have it Mark. Please upload more?

Barry Canada
Feb-27-2017, 4:11pm
Wow Mark, I like it... Don't be hard on yourself. You gave a neat sound to your voice? Akeem son singing.

Mark Gunter
Feb-27-2017, 4:11pm
Thank you for the comments, fellows, much appreciated.

fscotte, I hope to do several more, I have a list of instrumental and vocal arrangements to work on. This was the first multi-track I've ever attempted. You embarrass me with your praise, but I'm glad you enjoyed the vocals. Meanwhile, I have this done with an iPhone several months back . . .

Feb-27-2017, 4:36pm
Well done!!!!

Don Grieser
Feb-27-2017, 9:00pm
Great job, enjoyed your playing and singing on both. You did great on your first multitrack!

Mark Gunter
Feb-27-2017, 9:58pm
Thanks for the encouragement, Jeff and Don, it means a lot to me.

Feb-28-2017, 5:54am
Mark, that is a huge YES on the blues! Are you in a band? Or was that Ray Charles right there?