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Mark Gunter
Feb-26-2017, 10:57am
A local friend is starting an instrumental project. He's playing all the instruments on this project. This is Danny Ellison, with a sample of "Sally Ann" - I tried to embed the video, but not working, so it's a link to Facebook. I'd just delete the whole post if I could rather than posting links to facebook, anyway, I like Danny's work a lot.


Don Grieser
Feb-26-2017, 12:29pm
That cut sounds really good. Talented guy.

Mark Gunter
Mar-21-2017, 7:24pm
I was able to get this Sally Ann sample up on YouTube. This is my friend's project of instrumentals, he plays all the instruments in this sample. Danny Ellison of Abilene.

Mar-21-2017, 7:27pm

Ivan Kelsall
Mar-22-2017, 3:44am
Hi Mark - Many thanks for that. The ''Two Sally's'' - Sally Goodin / Sally Ann are tunes played very often on banjo. I've played 'Sally Goodin' on mandolin almost ever since i could keep a grip on the pick - it was one of my banjo to mandolin ''cross over'' tunes,but for some reason i've neglected Sally Ann - that's about to change !. 'Angeline The Baker' is another favourite of mine,sweet & simple !.
I'd like to hear what your friend could do with that tune,his playing is 'simply' beautiful. A very talented guy indeed, :disbelief:

I'll be digging the Ellis "A" style out for this one,
Thanks again - Ivan;)

John Kelly
Mar-22-2017, 4:40am
Very relaxed playing and a great recording. I really like the balance in his mix,and the fiddle is just great! :mandosmiley:

Mar-22-2017, 6:33am
Agree with what everyone else has said. Very pretty tune, great mix, lovely playing. Thanks for posting!

Mark Gunter
Mar-22-2017, 10:04am
I'm glad to hear that y'all like Danny's music as much as I do. He's about as humble a musician as I've ever met, and uber-talented. He put out a CD last year of original bluegrass tunes with a talented bunch of guys in the studio, and just started playing around with home recording on this project a couple weeks ago. I'm looking forward to hearing what else he does on this! Danny's been playing fiddle since a kid, but only started with Dobro a couple years ago. He plays and teaches all the bluegrass stringed instruments and is a joy to jam with.

Al Trujillo
Mar-22-2017, 10:50am
Great music...thanks for sharing!!

Skip Kelley
Mar-22-2017, 7:09pm
Very nice music!