View Full Version : Pretty woman on the mandolin.

Feb-23-2017, 3:46pm
Here's a new video I put up on how to play the song Pretty Woman on mandolin. Fairly easy, very recognizable tune that transfers over to the mandolin well.


Jeff Mando
Feb-23-2017, 5:18pm
Cool! But, I have to ask, why the strap button when you have a perfectly good scroll to hang a strap on?

Feb-24-2017, 1:17pm
I bought it used, already had the button on it. I took a chance with this mandolin, bought it off of ebay. It had a crack in the neck. I got it for ridiculously low price. The crack is right opposite the nut, and is vertical (not horizontal across the neck like most cracks you see). It's never given me any problems.