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Danny Clark
Feb-18-2017, 5:44pm
Just picked up my new Hamlett A custom built with my specs
Red Spruce,satin finish,block inlays,fleur de lis Evo frets ,black buttons
I really like it
It's lightweight already sounds great has a great feel and plays so easy
john is a great craftsman he is among the top to me
and now is building here in Kentucky
He has his shop up and running ,he is starting to put out some mandolins he has 2 F-5s ready out of this batch
Just want to express my appreciation for his work

Feb-18-2017, 5:50pm
Wow, Danny, that looks awesome! (He didn't get his username here for nothing ;)) Glad to hear John is rolling again!

Joey Anchors
Feb-18-2017, 5:50pm
It does look mighty tasty!

Feb-18-2017, 5:52pm
nice and tasteful!

Feb-18-2017, 5:53pm
....I'm a sucker for those block inlays...nice!!

Danny Clark
Feb-18-2017, 6:02pm
Yeh (sunburst) that was another request I had, Loarburst that I forgot to mention
He got everything right

Mark Wilson
Feb-18-2017, 6:09pm
....I'm a sucker for those block inlays...nice!!me too! Nice A5!

Danny Clark
Feb-18-2017, 6:20pm
Hey mark
By the looks of your signature line you're like me you prefer the A!

Clinton Johnson
Feb-18-2017, 6:25pm
Now that is one-beautiful-mando bro....congrats!

Mark Wilson
Feb-18-2017, 7:13pm
Hey mark
By the looks of your signature line you're like me you prefer the A!
Yep. A good one is the best money spent on an mandolin imo.
And your Hamlett is all that, I bet. He sure nailed the Loar finish look.
Love to hear it. Congratulations! and enjoy

Eric Oliver
Feb-18-2017, 8:22pm
What a beauty! That one must be keeper.
Is that miss-matched wood on the top, like we like?

Feb-18-2017, 9:20pm
That is a really nice looking mandolin!

G. Fisher
Feb-18-2017, 9:32pm
Danny, any chance you can post a video or sound clip of your new mandolin?

Mike Snyder
Feb-18-2017, 10:00pm
Love his tailpiece.

Don Grieser
Feb-18-2017, 10:07pm
That's a gorgeous mandolin. Congrats! MAS is inflamed again.

Feb-18-2017, 10:33pm
Really great! Congratulations!


Danny Clark
Feb-18-2017, 10:46pm
Yes it's a keeper got one the way I want it blocks and etc.
Not sure how to post a video but will try in a few days

Feb-19-2017, 7:37am
I can relate - I own Hamlett # 32 now, an A style, bought it used about a year ago. Like yours, it is very light, very responsive, with a fit and finish second to none I've ever played. It's my favorite mandolin by a mile - but it doesn't have those cool block inlays like yours!

Danny Clark
Feb-19-2017, 8:21am
If 32 is the one with the mountain inlay I was the orginal owner it is a good one

Feb-19-2017, 10:04am
It is indeed, on both counts!

Don Grieser
Feb-19-2017, 10:13pm
Let's see some pics of 32 also, please. I want to see the mountain inlay.

Feb-20-2017, 1:20am
Actually, I was the original owner of #32, when we get right down to it.
It is here (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?98549-My-new-quot-A-quot), Blue Ridge inlay and all.
I you want to post pics to this thread, Clark, I wouldn't mind seeing how it is holding up!

Feb-20-2017, 10:11am
Congrats on that classy looking A. I'm sure it sounds as great as it looks.


Feb-20-2017, 11:15am
Looks great! Would also love to hear how it sounds! Congrats.

Feb-20-2017, 11:43am
Beautiful mandolin. I am the proud owner of #13 Hamlett, although an F model, nevertheless an earlier example of John's talent and skill. This new A model is just gorgeous. I love the graceful headstock. John doesn't struggle with trying to create a new motif for the top of the headstock, just a nicely proportioned radius. John should definitely be considered among the top builders today. Nice one John!! Also good to see you are up and running production-wise after a few years of "commuting" back and forth Virginia to Kentucky.

Denny Gies
Feb-20-2017, 12:08pm
I've had a couple of dealings with John and he is exceptional.

Feb-20-2017, 3:25pm
Beautiful work, John. I love your sunbursts!

Nick Gellie
Feb-20-2017, 5:03pm
An absolute classic Danny!

Jerry Byers
Feb-20-2017, 5:44pm
Looks great. Congrats.

Feb-21-2017, 12:11pm
Shot with iPhone in bright sunlight, my apologies for not trying harder. :grin:

Suffice it to say this mandolin has a happy home for a long time to come (as long as I have a say, anyway).


Atlanta Mando Mike
Feb-21-2017, 2:38pm

Feb-21-2017, 2:40pm
Congrats Danny!

Tristan Scroggins plays a Hamlett Stelling F5 that is really nice; I tried it out a couple of years ago at the Great 48...

Jan-04-2019, 6:57pm
Great Thread! I just stumbled on to it. I have #35 - A model with a red spruce top and sugar maple back, sides and neck. Built at the same time as #34. Both are pictured below (pictures by John Hamlett.) 34 was made to my spec, but on playing both I wound up going home with #35. It's developing nicely - very balanced. I've got a barking173821173821 1992 Gibson A-5G - which I love, but the Hamlett A is in a completely different class for sound and craftsmanship.