View Full Version : Gibson and Collings. Same Tune

Feb-03-2017, 11:38am
So I'm taking this great swing class, and recorded this twice just for kicks... Once with the Gibson and once with the Collings. Anyways... Just fun to geek out. I like the Gibson better on this...



Bill McCall
Feb-03-2017, 12:06pm
Nice job.

Is it against the rules to mention its Matt Flinner's class?

Feb-03-2017, 12:08pm
I think that's ok. :) Just didn't want to spoil anyone's idea of how good the class is by my mediocre playing. Ha ha ha.

I was mostly posting for mando geeks like me who like comparing mandolins.

Feb-03-2017, 1:07pm
They both sounded comparable to me...maybe I need more coffee...

Feb-19-2017, 5:49pm
The one on the Gibson much more clarity.

Nick Gellie
Feb-19-2017, 9:56pm
The one on the Gibson much more clarity.

It could be Shellhammer that you have to play differently with the Collings MT to get the same clarity as the Gibson. It just requires a different attention to your playing style. I have found that comparing my playing a Pava compared with my Collings MT. You need also to pay attention where you pick to get the tone and clarity you desire.

Feb-22-2017, 3:47pm

I just learned that song that same day as I recorded those. I had to come up with those improvisational lines...a fun project but probably not the best way to A/B tone between the two in retrospect.

The more I listen to the Collings recording the more I realize, yeah the tone is different, but my playing was way sloppier on that version too. I now have strings on each one that are the same age as the Gibson.

I'm looking forward to recording some more tunes I didn't just learn an hour beforehand as was the case above. That'll be a better way to see how different they sound.

I didn't realize how many more overtones the Collings had until really A/B'ing it in these recordings.

Feb-22-2017, 3:51pm
What might be interesting is to acknowledge the differences between the two mandolins, and play tunes on each in a way that most takes advantage of what that particular instrument can do. Something that would be a compromise on the other instrument.

Willie Poole
Feb-23-2017, 12:50pm
The Gibson sounded best, hands down....I never met a Collings that I liked so maybe I am biased....

cayuga red
Feb-23-2017, 3:02pm
The Gibson sounded best, hands down....I never met a Collings that I liked so maybe I am biased....

I agree with the first part of your statement. The Gibson sounds better to my ears.