View Full Version : NMC: check out this guitar

Randi Gormley
Feb-03-2017, 11:38am
I think it was the Café that got me interested in Shorpy, but the website posted this today and I just stared at the guitar - f-holes and a pick guard and a sunburst.


Feb-03-2017, 12:05pm
Looks like a Harmony, might be a Kay. All that flame is faux, painted on.

Feb-03-2017, 1:16pm
I love pictures like that. I would love to find a picture of someone holding or playing a Gibson '23 A2 snakehead, and wonder if it might could be the exact instrument I play daily.

Mark Gunter
Feb-04-2017, 3:23pm
One of the lower end Harmony archtops most likley; with that shape headstock and 1940 could be a Renown or Monteray, or similar model, possibly with a different brand name. Looks like an oval shape may be visible in center of headstock.

Nice picture. I just got one of the higher end Harmony archtops for my birthday, (I think it's a 1949) Patrician (date stamp is hardly legible) and I love it.

Feb-05-2017, 8:12am
Looks like the same make of guitar?


Feb-05-2017, 9:35am
Great website. Thanks, Randi.

Bill Snyder
Feb-05-2017, 9:53am
Photo from first post.


Close up on the guitar.