View Full Version : Wilson WF5 strung up i"in the white".

Jan-30-2017, 4:57pm
Here is my latest WF5, #021 that I strung up last night "in the white". It got delayed along the way and is numerically out of sequence due an issue that required building and retrofitting a new neck. After spending the morning messing with the setup and getting it pretty well dialed in I got to have a nice test drive. This mandolin is very loud and I believe it to have that "old" tone that bluegrassers cry out for. Tonally I would have to rank it near or at the top of the instruments I have built thus far. The top is red spruce from the Ted Davis stash that was put up in 1993 and the back, sides and neck are nicely figured eastern red maple. This one will get a Loar style sunburst varnish finish and a Loar style repro pickguard complete with date stamp. I was hoping to have this ready for Wintergrass but I l leave in three weeks and just don't want to rush the rest of the process. I'll post some more pics when it's finished.

Jan-30-2017, 6:23pm
Gorgeous work Craig!! Is that 5 ply binding or 4...or am I going blind?

Len B.
Clearwater, FL

Jan-30-2017, 7:18pm
Ivoroid/black/white/black. The inside black is .020 and just enough to scrape to. I'm going to do an aging toner on the binding when it's all said and done.

Steve Sorensen
Jan-30-2017, 9:13pm
Nice clean work!


Randi Gormley
Jan-31-2017, 10:13am
I like the proportions. Looks like a winner!

May-26-2017, 6:30pm
The finish process was completed a few weeks ago and buffed out a few days ago. Over the last week I made what I believe to be an accurate Loar era replica pickguard and fitted it today. All I have left is to make the laminated celluloid side mount and attach the mounting hardware which should arrive early next week. I'll string er up tonight and dial in the setup. This one will be going to the big Fathers Day festival in Grass Valley in a couple of weeks and will be displayed at the Music Caravan booth.

Don Grieser
May-27-2017, 10:13am
Beautiful work!

Joey Anchors
May-27-2017, 1:27pm
So gorgeous!!

William Smith
May-27-2017, 1:43pm
Man O Man she's a nice one! Great Work!:cool:

May-27-2017, 2:12pm
Got strung back up last night and played around with setting the action this morning. It sounds and plays great. Good and loud with clear tone all over the board and nice old school woof!

May-30-2017, 6:37am
I really wish more mandolin makers would step out of the box with both white and black instruments . . . . but then again, maybe not - with more white and black mandolins on the market, my MAS would go crazy!

Nonetheless, nice work Craig - keep it up.

May-31-2017, 8:01am
Very nice homage in the Loar tradition. particularly striking back, and the detail on the binding is really catching.

Great job!

Skip Kelley
Jun-03-2017, 8:15pm
Craig, that is a fine looking F5! Nice work!!