View Full Version : '60 Fender eMando Tone Q's

Matthew Welles
Jun-05-2005, 1:02pm
Hey all,

I am playing on a 4-string '60 Fender eMando, and am having some tone problems. #The wound strings tend to be quite a bit louder than the unwound strings, especially the G. #The unwound don't cut through my band's mix very well at all. #Also, the unwound tends pass through some of my pedals, such as my Mu-Tron, totally unaffected.

I was wondering if anyone out there has any ideas to fix this. #Thanks!

Jun-05-2005, 9:23pm
What kind of strings are you using? Are the e strings really tight? If you turn the instrument all the way up at the volume control, and you play individual strings can you hear them? When you play individual strings do the effects work?

Jun-05-2005, 9:23pm
Oh, and welcome to the cafe!

Dennis Schubert
Jun-06-2005, 2:11am
You should be able to use the pickup height adjustment screws to get the pickup closer to the treble strings and further away from the bass strings. Or...

Are you rolling off all of the treble with your tone control? That should be easy to fix. Or...

Are the electronic controls original? Somebody may have modified the original circuitry -- could have added a cap or resistor to cut down on some of the bright/chirpy sound that's typical of electric mando. Get a local Tele/Strat expert to look over the insides to see if there is something obviously wrong.