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Jun-04-2005, 9:11pm
Thinking of getting a 5 string and just wondering where you get strings and what gauges you use. JustStrings.com does do not carry any sets. Will standard electric guitar strings work? thanks y'all

Jun-04-2005, 9:28pm
There are lots of ways to get strings. www.emando.com sells 5 string sets. You can also just buy a set of guitar strings and put on your closest matches. The only string gauge I have set in stone is .011 on the E. The others are flexible. I'll pull out an emando later and write down the actual gauges and post them.
The C string on a 5 string is a matter of figuring out what works for you. I keep spare strings around from a .042 to .060 to use as a C string, depending on the Emando.

Jun-04-2005, 9:29pm
What 5 string are you thinking of?

Jun-04-2005, 10:41pm
Mine was fitted with
013 plain,
038 a bit larger guage, for the extra
052 frets of 15"scale length and

A-e-b-f#-c# tuning

will seek electric flatwound , for next replacements;
undoubtedly have to get guitar singles, priced by each.

Jun-06-2005, 1:00pm
On my Schwab 5-string I use a .009" or .010" E string and .036" or .038" low C string. I buy singles and pop the balls out.
My 10-string acoustic Stiver F-model came with a .042" low C, and most acosutic mandolins use .011" E strings. I see no reason to string an emando equally as taught as an acoustic mandolin.

Dennis Schubert
Jun-06-2005, 1:14pm
Buy a regular 6-string guitar set (0.009" or 0.010" first string) and toss out the unwound G string -- the other five will be pretty close.

Ted Eschliman
Jun-06-2005, 1:56pm
Martin Stillon, the world's foremost authority on emandodum sells them on his www.emando.com site...

A set of JS-110 Thomastik Electric Guitar Flatwound strings was my answer:
.018w (throw away...)
Nice warm tone, dig the smooth flatwound feel. Good harmonic fundamental in the low side. Sound great on my Mann Electric 5-string.

Jun-06-2005, 7:15pm
Wow, thanks for all the great ideas...sounds like electric guitar strings will indeed work...

Jun-07-2005, 10:18am
If you go the singles route, after you've settled on the gauges you prefer you can purchase singles by the dozen and save money in the long run.