View Full Version : My band's new video (with mando solo!)

Drew Streip
Jan-24-2017, 12:33pm
I've been slacking on my jazz lately, in order to practice and prep for our upcoming studio time. We're also entering NPR's Tiny Desk Contest. I'm not a competitive person, and there's no "crowd favorite" element to this, so I just wanted to share! Here's "Flying," a song I co-wrote with Konstantine (banjo).

I think many of you will enjoy our debut album, so I'll keep you informed!

Jan-26-2017, 3:41pm
Just listened to this and you guys sound really good. Excellent tune!!

Jan-28-2017, 7:13am
Nice Carpet, shame to lay it out in a barn.
Seriously, though, I enjoyed that.

Bob Clark
Jan-28-2017, 7:21am
Wow, Drew, dynamite band and a beautiful song. Love your sound! Looking forward to your album release. Keep up the good work!

Best wishes,