View Full Version : An original tune of mine

Jan-21-2017, 12:36pm
Hey everyone,

I wanted to post a recording of a tune I wrote, in the hopes of getting some listens and feedback. This year I plan on making better quality videos, so I'd love to know what you think. My channel page on YouTube also has some other covers and tunes if you're interested!

All the best,

George R. Lane
Jan-21-2017, 12:51pm
Lovely tune. What do you call it? That Northfield sounds wonderful.

Mark Gunter
Jan-22-2017, 4:06pm
Very nice tune, and a very nice sound from your mandolin and your playing skills. Well done!

@ George Lane, I think the title of the tune must be the video title, "Beira"

Jan-22-2017, 4:55pm
Nice tune, great sounding mandolin!!

Jan-23-2017, 10:51am
Very tasty!