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The Past and The Curious
Jan-16-2017, 10:29am
Obligatory "I've-visited-Mandolin-Cafe-Every-Day-For-Years-But-Never-Posted" post.

I'm a history educator and semi-pro musician in Louisville, KY. I play mando, banjo and guitar and all sorts of music.

Recently I created a podcast called The Past and The Curious designed for families. I work with kids and am passionate about teaching them history and music. It's really a "cultural literacy" project. In the most recent episode I tell a story about WWI and give them Cluck Old Hen at the same time. You have to listen to get the connection.

Or I'll relate a moment in Barnum's wild life and pair that with "It's Only a Paper Moon."

It's really fun and easy to listen to. Adults and kids enjoy it, but I really want them to do so together. I play mandolin on every episode, usually in a feature at the end, but sometimes to underscore.

I think Cafe members would enjoy it, and get what I'm going for. It's free on iTunes, Stitcher and soundcloud.

Here's a link to some of the music, but the magic is really in the full episode.

Most recent episode here:

Hope someone enjoys it, it's a real pleasure and privilege to create.

Jan-17-2017, 11:58am
Hi Mick (I presume that's who you are),

Unfortunately the links in your post seem to be broken, but google helped. As an avid listener to podcasts, I'll be downloading yours. Couldn't find you on soundcloud, though.

John Kelly
Jan-17-2017, 1:41pm
I too could not access either of your links when I tried, Mick.

The Past and The Curious
Jan-17-2017, 2:33pm
Jeez, Thanks guys. As I said, new to the forum. Yes, Perhaps this SoundCloud link might work.


And here's a song:

Mick Sullivan

Dec-17-2017, 10:39am
Just wanted to bump this thread and say what a cool podcast this is. The content is always fun and educational (I finally understand the whole port and starboard thing now), and the music is always great (always some killer mandolin playing). Fun for young and old alike. Do check it out if you've not already.

@The Past and The Curious - Thanks for the heads up on the Heine Bros Coffee deal. My wife and her family lived in Louisville when she was a kid. I bought her older brother some of their coffee for Christmas.